The Estonian Erasmus+ National Agency is organising a cross-sectoral contact seminar open to all Erasmus+ programme countries.



Karlbergs skolan


Marie Dahlström

  • The school is characterized by a development culture "Growth mindset" During 2016, we have worked with the vision to develop digital learning. Digitization has been based on collegial learning with best practise, assignments, as we continued our learning. 2017 our school was awarded for Digitalization for Learning in Stockholm. We have a vision to be beacon regarding coding, digital tools as we focus on skills for future classroom.The teachers have been involved in most winning projects. We have also participated in a project that is linked to an Eramsus KA1 project about free ICT tools.

  • We would like to participate regarding the field of entrepreneurship + coding + 3D and giving those knowledge within the fields of other subjects that we teach our students in primary school (age 6-10)